Thursday, January 7, 2010

SUPER baby!

I have to blog about this before I forget it, it was just too priceless.

Last night during my "favorite part of the day" (that time after work, after Z has eaten dinner, but before his bath - when we are all happy and giddy to see each other and a yes, a little bit tired) the three of us were playing on the living room floor. Zane was mostly using me as a climbing wall and was sort of balancing over my leg. For some reason I said "Suuuuuper babyyyyyy", I guess because it looked like he was flying. And what did that kid do at that perfect exact moment? Yep. Flug his arms out in front of his body like he really was flying.

We laughed so hard we were crying and because we were laughing, Z was giggling along too.


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