Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 months ago

Dear Zane,

6 months ago you turned one. I promised you a letter. I wanted to tell you how I felt about having you in my life for an entire year. I wanted to tell you how much I loved you, how amazed I was at how fast you were growing up and what a wonderful, sweet baby you were.

But I had a little writers block (or a little denial? Ok, a lot of denial) and I never wrote that letter. I pushed this blog aside and stared getting busy with other things (work was getting busier, YOU were getting busier) but looking back I'm sad that now I don't have those little reminders of how you were growing and changing. Because oh, boy, were you ever growing and changing.

So, here we are. At a year and a half. You are no longer a baby. Even though you look at kids your age and call them "baby" you are definitely not baby material. You walk. You run. You know how to blow bubbles (and are eating less and less bubble solution in the process). You say please (when prompted) and thank you (without fail). You make us laugh (mostly through fart jokes. oh well, you are a boy). You love trains. Let me repeat that. You LOVE trains. You still love purple and I think your pediatrician was about to start calling Harvard when you pointed out a purple block during your well visit today. But then I admitted that you only know purple, so he started dialing Penn State instead ;)

You are no longer in the baby room at daycare and to be honest, I wasn't sure how you were going to handle the change to a bigger space, with more kids, and no crib to sleep in and with new teachers. But, aparantly you have not inherited your mom's fear of change. When I dropped you off today after your dr. visit you walked right over to the big circle rug and said "more deedee" which is "more dancing" and I can just picture how much you love circle time. Then you sat me down at the little table (no really, you pushed me to the seat and said "mommy" as if to say "mommy sit here"), then walked right over to the little kitchen and brought me a tea cup. For a second I had a vision of sitting at your kitchen table, with your wife in the other room rocking your newborn son and you sitting down across from me with a cup of tea and saying "thanks mom. life is good, isn't it".

The past 6 months have been a whirlwind of excitement and new things. Your dad and I have had a great summer watching you grow and learn and we look forward to every new day with you. It's a great life that we have going on here and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Love you forever,

Mom/Mommy/Mooom/Mama (which is what it sounds like when you REALLY want my attention)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I gave in....sort of

I just couldn't take it anymore. The poor kid, I mean, check out that hair - it is touching his NOSE:

So, I sat him on Mahmood's lap, twisted the offending bangs into a tiny section (Crystal's expert advice) and went at it. Of course, she did advise me to do this while he was sleeping, which probably would have been much easier. Lord help the woman or man who actually has to cut the rest of his hair (in a very very long time if I have my way) But, I managed to get one snip in without maiming anyone. And the snip of hair is safely tucked away in Zane's "my first haircut and first tooth box". Which slightly grosses me out - and I know people who have saved umbilical cord stumps, so in the scheme of things a little hair never hurt anyone.

I think he's happy with the outcome, no?

Monday, March 15, 2010

And then he ate cake

We had a little party for Zane this weekend. In case you haven't heard, he turned one earlier this month. Zane, I know, I still owe you a birthday letter. I'm in denial, ok, I'll get to it :)

But, despite the fact that I'm not dealing with the fact that you are now one, I didn't let that stop us from having a party and celebrating you in style! And party we did.

It was an elmo party and anyone who knows me well figured that I choose this theme all on my own. But, I had a little help from you, I mean, look how excited you get about elmo things:

(thanks for the awesome elmo phone April!)

Anyway, we're jumping ahead of things a little bit, so back to the details. Originally I was going to make Zane an elmo cake, but the egg-free cake I had to make him wasn't faring well in the elmo cake pan (although we enjoyed eating the trial runs), so I changed my vision to cupcakes. Thanks to Rose for making my vision come true, I think she did a fabulous job and I'm actually glad I had to switch to cupcakes.

The rice krispie treats were "Dorothy" shaped, for those of you familiar with all things elmo. And for the big kids, cannoli cake!

Thanks to etsy I got this adorable birthday banner (I don't want to take it down it is so cute!) and the stickers for the treat bags (which included bubbles, crayons and elmo coloring pages, and lots of yummy fish-shaped snacks).

My last piece of decor wasn't elmo related, but I just had to encorporate Zane's monthly-onesie shots into the action somehow. So, I created this banner to show of my friends' artwork from my baby shower one more time, but this time with photos of Zane wearing their creations.

The week leading up to the party we had the most beautiful weather we have seen since probably November. So what should happen the weekend of the party was a noreaster that should have had a name it was so crazy. (Noreaster Zane, perhaps?). We were a bit freaked out about what we were going to do with all the kids that were planning to show up (the good and bad of moving into a neighborhood with lots of fantastic kids). So, in a game-time decision we turned our unfinished basement into a pretty sweet play area and added a craft station too. It worked perfectly and I think (from the site of the aftermath) that the kids had a blast down there!
(Although, ironically enough, Zane still hasn't seen his new playroom, but I think he will spend many a rainy day down there in the near future!)

So, here's the birthday boy! Of course he was sporting the latest in elmo fashions :) I was actually afraid he wouldn't wear his party shirt. Everytime he sees it he gets so excited about the picture of elmo that he wants to carry the shirt around. I had to sort of hide the front and sneak it over his head. It worked.

Of course the back was cute too

Zane had a great time being passed around to all of his favorite people and when it was time for the real reason for the party (watch him eat cake of course) he did not disapoint! He devoured that elmo cupcake (after tetatively tasting the icing with a finger and waiting for me to feed him a bite first).

And I think the paparazzi had a little bit of fun watching him:

After a quick post-cupcake bath, there was time for a few gifts before Zane said goodnight. He really got into the presents this time.

So there we have it, our baby is one. Thanks to all our family and friends for helping us celebrate. We did it; we survived that crazy, sleep-deprived first year and we came out pretty good on the other side :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where in the world is Zane Adam?

Not blogging clearly!

Probably because he is too busy being a world traveler. Or, US traveler, anyway. A few weeks ago, I took Zane on his first airplane trip (not alone, thank god, Rose was there for the ride). We flew down to Florida to meet up with our good friend Lynn and her son Matthew. We had a blast getting away from the snow for a few days and the highlight of the trip was definitely the boys (and Rose's) first trip to the Magic Kingdom! We had such a fun time and the boys were great together (except when Zane was stealing Matthew's lovie). Miss you guys!!

The fun hasn't stopped at home though. We've had some fun visits with all of Zane's grandparents and some great friends from Baltimore. And, with our resident expert Jeremy in tow we took Zane to his first (of probably many) trips to the nearby Strasburg Railroad!

Of course, in true kid fashion, I think Zane's favorite part might have been enjoying his first pretzel (served to him on the president's train car - first class baby!)

That's right. My kid eats pretzels. No more baby food for this kid. The trip to FL and watching Matthew enjoy delicious things like chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries pretty much convinced Zane to go cold turky on the pureed baby foods. So now we are navigating the slightly tricky world of food allergies and what to feed a hungry and growing toddler. OMG, TODDLER!! Right now his favorite foods are english muffin pizzas made with rice cheese, chicken nuggets, sweet potatoes, and cooked carrots. He would eat these things and only these things all day long if I let him. I keep trying new things (last night's apricot chicken and rice was a fail!) and I'm constantly on the lookout for dairy/egg/nut/and legume free food ideas.

So, that's about what's new with us. Oh, except for that whole BIRTHDAY thing coming up on Thursday. HOLD ME.

Friday, February 5, 2010

11 months!

My dear sweet 11 month old Zane,

I'm having a hard time writing this post. It is inconceivable to me that you are so close to A YEAR. What a difference a year makes. This time last year your dad and I were putting together baby equipment and wondering when you might show up. We saw was too many bad movies since we had no idea how many we would get to see in the theatre once you showed up (the answer: ONE). We went on long walks and ate lots of cajun food since I was just about ready for you to hurry up and get here already! But, you weren't going to be a February baby after all, so we just waited.

These days, I almost forget what it was like to be so impatient. Nothing seems to go slowly anymore, not with you around. With you, my sweet baby boy, time moves at lightning speed, for here you are, 11 months old already.

The past month has been a hectic one. I was in DC for a few days, and leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But you did great at home with dad and grammy and the hugs I got when you woke up from your nap and saw me standing there, after three days, were the best hugs I've had in all my life. And your dad is an excellent hugger, so that's saying a lot!

You love playing with your toys, especially your ball pit and your ball popper (which, thanks to the fine folks at playskool has been replaced. The first one was, um, broken) and anything that shakes or bangs together is always a good time. You definitely don't know how to sleep in, but mom and dad can usually hold you off for a bit in the mornings with a little bit of elmo.

The day before your 11-month birthday was also picture day at school. I can't wait to see how they came out, your first school picture! Your teachers love you to death and we hear that you are quite the flirt, always batting those mile-long eyelashes of yours and blowing kisses to all of the teachers. We've also had a report that you like playing with the little girls in your class most of all. Uh oh, we might be in trouble!!!

The most exciting thing is that you are *this close* to walking. You are pulling yourself up on anything you can and doing that whole cruising thing where you motor from thing to thing (usually toy box to toy shelf to ottoman). In honor of this big occasion you and I went to the mall to get you your very first pair of big kid shoes. You didn't mind that shopping trip, since the shoe store means you get to get out of the stroller and cruise around and play with toys. Your kind of shopping!

I can't wait to see what you do next, I love you to pieces little boy.


oh, and p.s. I haven't cut your hair yet :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If I stop posting, he'll stay small, right?!

no? Doesn't work that way, huh?

Lately I have been completely overwhelmed with just how BIG my kid is getting. I feel a bit like a broken record, I'm sure, but here we are thinking about first birthdays and wondering when he will walk and sometimes I just find myself staring at this kid and wondering who he is and how the heck he got here!

But don't worry about me. I'll get over it and in the meantime I can just enjoy how much FUN this kid is. Truly, we are having a blast. And look at this face, how could you not have fun with a kid this adorable??

What's new in Zane's world you ask? Well, he's working on his curve ball (he really loves playing "catch")

and practicing his "lawnmower" stance so that he can help dad out this spring.

January is almost over and we will be happy to leave it behind (illness, bad weather - we are done with you!) and have a lot of great things to look forward to in the coming months (a trip to Florida! A First Birthday Party! More playing outside!). Stay tuned, life is zaney around here!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to get your hairs did?

At some point along the way someone told me that it was an old wives tale to get your kid's hair cut before his first birthday.

I think it might be time to tempt the fates, however. If we wait 2 more months this kid might have some serious trouble with that whole, you know, seeing thing.

Perhaps the old wives that started that tale didn't have children born with actual hair:

side note: OMG, look how little!