Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking a picture of an 8 month old...

....while sitting in a chair takes a great amount of patience and an empty flash card.

*Mr. Universe onesie made by the wonderful and talented Jay. I think Zane takes the Mr. Universe title very seriously, don't you?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little bit of fall-time fun

So, even though October ended on a sad note, despite our deepest wishes and prayers, we still managed to sprinkle in a few moments of joy. All in thanks to one fantastic little guy.

We missed the first trick-or-treat night in our new house (thanks to Mark and Candy for handing out our candy and letting all the neighbors know that the new kids on the block are not haters. Thanks to you, our pumpkin remained intact and there was no tp in our trees when we got home on Saturday). We were probably more sad for ourselves, since Zane wouldn't remember his first door-to-door trek around the new 'hood. Instead we visited our local mall a few days before Halloween so that Z could step out in his costume.

M's knickname is Mouse. Has been since college and I'm pretty sure I knew him as this, and not his real name for a couple of months until I finally learned his real name. So, it was only fitting that Z (who I used to refer to as mini-mouse before we knew what his name would be) dress like a mouse. I'm pretty sure this will be the last year that I'll actually get to select his costume for him. Next year I have a feeling he might have some strong opinions on the matter. So, for now, I present you with the world's most adorable mouse:

He also dressed up as Superman in honor of his Pop3.

And it wasn't all costume fun. We took Z to his first pumpkin patch (where he got to "pick" apples out of a giant bin which I made into his favorite snack, applesauce) and made his first art project at school (handprints on a pumpkin and footprints turned into ghosts).

Hard to believe that November is here already. I'll be back later with pictures of our *8* month old. GULP.