Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 months

Really? 10? Double digits? Are you serious?

My big guy. You turned 10 months old on a Monday. It was the first day back to work/school after a nice Christmas vacation. After we'd made you CIO (cry it out for those not in the know) during your overnight wake-ups for the past few days. You were tired and not really in the mood for a 7am photo session. But you are still adorable.

You are also in desperate need of a hair cut which I can't bring myself to get you yet - it is too cute, even if it is in your eyes. But the back. It is getting curls! Do you see that? Curls!

Your onesie (from your besties Hannah and Hunter) says it is for a 24 month old. Either you are really big or Gerber's sizing is wack. And in case you forget, or your preferences change (ha!), at 10 months old, that book in the bottom corner of that picture is your current favorite. Peakaboo kisses. If I dare to even try to read you a different one at bedtime before doing this one you will reach down off the chair to get this one. That elmo one in the basket is also a big favorite. It's a fun one for mom and dad too because it has a finger puppet elmo. Who could ask for more?

You finally learned how to clap (after months of us trying to get you to do it). And you couldn't have started at a more perfect moment (While enjoying a great New Year's Day tradition of watching PSU in their New Year's Day bowl game with a bunch of our favorite friends and eating pork and sauerkraut). I didn't make you try sauerkraut yet, heck, I only half force myself to eat it so I don't have bad luck all year.

I have to say, so far we are loving having a 10 month old. You are so much fun and learning new things every day (should we talk about this sleeping thing some more? You are rocking it, kid! Thanks to your aunt Crystal for holding my hand through the hardest day - it's been mostly smooth sailing ever since). You even graduated from the duckie to the big kid tub (well, the duckie popped a leak, but you don't seem to mind one bit).

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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