Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I gave in....sort of

I just couldn't take it anymore. The poor kid, I mean, check out that hair - it is touching his NOSE:

So, I sat him on Mahmood's lap, twisted the offending bangs into a tiny section (Crystal's expert advice) and went at it. Of course, she did advise me to do this while he was sleeping, which probably would have been much easier. Lord help the woman or man who actually has to cut the rest of his hair (in a very very long time if I have my way) But, I managed to get one snip in without maiming anyone. And the snip of hair is safely tucked away in Zane's "my first haircut and first tooth box". Which slightly grosses me out - and I know people who have saved umbilical cord stumps, so in the scheme of things a little hair never hurt anyone.

I think he's happy with the outcome, no?