Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new year - FINALLY a new blog post

It appears *someone* took a vacation from not just work, but also anything related to computers and technology. I'm so behind on my photo uploading and blogging it was like my poor kid skipped Christmas or something.

I promise you, he did NOT!

Zane's first Christmas was definitely one to remember. Well, he won't remember, but the rest of us certainly will. And there are plenty of photos to remind of us his first pair of cute little plaid Christmas jammies (and slippers), how he tried to eat the cookie that he was supposed to be leaving for Santa (shoved that thing RIGHT in his mouth), and that his favorite present was the tickle me elmo (fitting since I received one myself, many Christmases ago from my sneaky college friends the year it first came out and people were going crazy for them. You know they were good friends, since they probably could have made some cash off of it, but instead they kept it and actually gave it to me. I wonder where that elmo is today?)

And here it is, 2010 already. A new year. It will be hard to top 2009, that's for sure. I mean, Zane arrived and we bought our first house. What's left in the big life decisions after those two? I'm not a big "resolution" person. I don't do a great job of keeping them anyway (a rare exception was the year I turned 30 I actually joined ww and lost the weight - which I have since gained back but also gained a number of wonderful friends from that adventure). But, this year, I'd like to take a bit more time to sit back and truly enjoy the gifts I've been given in my life. Enjoy the little moments with my husband and my fantastically adorable son. And always try to carry a cute purse :)

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