Monday, April 27, 2009

My own little kewpie doll

I was taking some pics of Zane today for my mom (Happy Birthday Grammy - we miss you!!) and I couldn't help remembering those old little plastic kewpie dolls (mom, I'm sure has one somewhere). I think the resemblance is spot on, especially with the 'hawk.

Don't you think?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You're so vain

What can make my son smile a smile this big? His mother making funny faces? His father singing silly made up songs (like the "I farted, I farted, just like Daddy I farted..." song)?

No, what he really is smiling and laughing at is...
Himself of course!

This is the best $20 ever spent. A mirror that we put above his changing table. It makes every diaper change an occasion to sing and dance (if by dance I mean wiggle your legs, than yes, dance).

The good baby experts tell us that he doesn't know it is himself he is seeing in the mirror. But if I looked that adorable, I'd smile and sing to myself too :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not just Easter fun

Since I have some fun non-Easter pics I thought I'd do two posts today. Last week was a busy week and Zane has been growing and changing so much. He was 9 pounds, 11 ounces last Thursday and quickly growing out of his clothes (good thing he has a neverending stash of various sizes in his overflowing closet!). His cheeks are filling out and he is really getting aware of his surroundings. He loves looking at faces and watching things that move and make noise (like his mobile). And best of all, he's starting to really SMILE! That smile must be payment for all of those sleepless nights because it truly lights up my world!

The SMILE :)

Of course, he's not always smiling...(and when he makes this face he REALLY looks like his dad!)

This was also a big week in the Shehata household as it marked the beginning of baseball season. Z was sure to not miss the Mets home opener, even if he did sleep through most of it.

Easter Fun

We had a wonderful Easter. On Saturday Zane met his pop3 (his great grandfather) for the first time. On Sunday he met his new BFF, my cousin Alyssa's son Peyton. Peyton was just in love with Zane from the moment he saw him and he spent hours on Sunday and Monday just watching Zane and giving us a play by play of what he was doing (he moved his leg! he opened his eyes! he wiggled his fingers!) and trying to get Z to smile. The love was mutual however, because Zane just LOVED watching Peyton and made lots of fun happy sounds that might someday be giggles.

Here are some pictures of our Easter fun.

Peyton, happy as a clam to be holding Zane. Zane, however, is not convinced.

My grandma with her two great grandsons:

A baby mouse in a bunny hat:

Monday, April 6, 2009

He's a whole month old

Saturday marked exactly one month since Zane was born. We celebrated the day by lounging around the house in true "we have a newborn" fashion. We did manage to do some housework (well, M mangaged to do some housework anyway). And of course, what would a big birthday milestone be without a photo session?

One of the best parts of my baby shower were all of these amazing onesies that the guests decorated. My mom sent a plain white onesie to every guest and they brought them back to the shower decorated with every design and theme under the sun. They were so amazing that we even hung up a clothesline in Zane's room so we could display some of the bigger ones. We decided to use the onesies to commemorate these monthly photos. The winner of the first month's photo was Sara's "I drink until I pass out" because it is funny and oh so true. He really does drink like a frat boy in a chug-off. He chugs as fast as he can, burps (and often pukes) and then immediately passes out. Ah, the good 'ole days :)

Happy ONE MONTH birthday little boy! Has a mohawk ever looked so completely adorable?

and if one gimmick hairdo was not enough, Z is also manly enough to rock a mullet:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Monkeying Around

Zane is now 4 weeks old and weighs 8 pounds 14 ounces, so he is definitely busy growing. He had his first bottle from Dad on Monday night and although he ended up wearing a lot of it, he took to it easily and I'm sure with a little more practice he'll have no problems with it. Like his parents and grandparents he continues to have some tummy issues, so I am trying a dairy and citrus free diet to see if that helps. Generally he is a very alert and happy guy but you can tell when his tummy is bothering him and it is hard to see him uncomfortable.

He is happiest when he is on the move and out of the house (or is that mom who is happiest when we are on the move and out of the house?). On Wednesday grammy came to visit and we went to see great grandma. Thursday we spent the day with Alice, Hannah, and Hunter. Hunter (who will be 3 on August 9th and told us all about the party he will have complete with "goodie bags") was very concerned about baby Zane queping (puking for those that don't speak little boy) and was certain that the best way to stop a crying baby was to give him to his dad. 6 year old Hannah waited patiently through an entire lunch at the Cheesecake Factory for Zane to wake up and when he finally did right at the end she entertained him in the car back to her house. He loves to look at toys and faces while you talk to him. He spent most of the rest of that visit sleeping on Alice (like the song, he loves a bosom for a pillow).

Currently he is in his typical morning spot - asleep in his sling while I eat breakfast and check into the world via internet. Today we are going to lunch with Megan, Maddon, and Maille. Z loves his lunch dates!

It is so hard to believe that he will be one month old tomorrow! It feels like he was just born yesterday in some respects and then in other ways it feels like he has been here for years. I'll be back this weekend with some official one month pics.