Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, yes, it has been entirely too long since I have visited blogland and my poor son someday is going to wonder what the heck happened to the month of June 2009. I'll tell you what happened my dear son, your mommy went back to work! But, I'm taking a few minutes of the peace and quiet of this Sunday morning while my favorite two men in the whole world are taking naps (Wendy too) and all I hear is the rattle of the dryer and the click click of Zane's swing to say Happy Father's Day!

Zane - you are one lucky guy, I have to say. You have a mom who was smart enough to pick the most amazing man on the planet to be your dad. :) His face lights up when he walks into the house after work because he gets to see you! He loves to sing you silly songs and dance around your room with you to hippy music to get you to fall asleep. He lifts you high over his head so that you will giggle. He watches baseball with you (even if he might be setting you up for great days of sadness by teaching you to be a Mets fan - hey, maybe it will build character) loves to take you for walks to show you all about whats out there in the world.

As you get bigger your dad is going to teach you all sorts of cool things. He'll teach you how to play kickball (a skill probably used more by adults these days than children, but maybe all these kids of kickball adults will revitalize the game for the schoolyard set), baseball, football, and golf (basically any sport you want to learn to play with a ball - dad's your guy). He taught mommy how to play most of these sports and we still love each other very much, so that should give you some idea of his patience as a coach! He'll help you with your math homework (and first he might start by teaching you how to count), take you to Philly for your first cheesesteak (or roast pork with broccoli rabe if he has his way), to Camden for your first concert (this will probably happen before you are old enough to chew the cheeseteak), and to New York for your first baseball game. Zane, have I mentioned that you are one lucky boy?!

But more than all those fun things your dad is going to do (and probably more important, although you won't realize it until you are old), your dad loves you more than anything in the whole world. And if you grow up to be anything at all like your dad you will be a good, strong, honest, smart, and dependable person. And fun as hell.

(and a quick shout out to my own dad. Happy Father's Day to the guy that taught me that if you don't fall down every now and then, you aren't trying hard enough. I love you Dad. Thanks for showing me what it means to be a great dad so that I knew what to look for. You make a pretty wonderful pop pop too!)

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