Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everything is better by the dozen right? Eggs. Bagels. Donuts. And weeks that Zane has been here!

It's amazing watching him grow. He is full of smiles and laughs (especially in the morning, which is a bit unnerving to his so-not-a-morning-person mom) and loves nothing more than shoving his hands in his mouth.

He's getting really good with his neck control, so we broke out the bumbo seat this morning so he can see what this sitting business is all about. He certainly has the recline part down. I forsee some lounging in front of baby einstein dvds in the near future!

I'm off to join my son in morning nap time. It's back to work on Monday so I have to take advantage of this while I can!


  1. Tommy has both the All Star and Frog foot sleep-n-plays!


  2. Too cute! (and M has the all-star sleeper too!) What a cutie pie that Zane is!

  3. Happy 12 weeks Zane!

    I don't have kids, and I don't know why, but I am slightly obsessed with those bumbo chairs. I wish they made adult ones.