Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Life's been a little hectic around here...but for good reason. We are currently under contract to buy our first home!! We have been talking "what ifs" and "somedays" about home buying for some time now and now with the added factors of Zane's arrival (and a 8k tax credit) thrown into the mix it was time to get serious. And we got so serious about it that we ended up putting a bid on the second house (out of 5) that we saw in person. We had been watching the market for awhile and we knew what was out there, we knew what we wanted to spend and we also had an idea of what our dream house would be if all of the stars aligned. And they did. On my very first Mother's Day!

M is over at the house right now with the home inspector and if all goes well we are set to close on July 31st. We feel like such grown ups! As for Z, well, he told me that he's looking forward to having his own yard to play in and he hopes that one day that yard will be home to a bitchin' swing set. After I lectured him on the use of the word bitchin' I promised him that yes, some day he would have his own bitchin' swing set. That's all part of the dream.

But in the meantime, since he is still only a baby, he'll have to make due with his new adorable nursery. I can't wait to see his name up on the wall because then I know it will be home.

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