Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a wonderful Easter. On Saturday Zane met his pop3 (his great grandfather) for the first time. On Sunday he met his new BFF, my cousin Alyssa's son Peyton. Peyton was just in love with Zane from the moment he saw him and he spent hours on Sunday and Monday just watching Zane and giving us a play by play of what he was doing (he moved his leg! he opened his eyes! he wiggled his fingers!) and trying to get Z to smile. The love was mutual however, because Zane just LOVED watching Peyton and made lots of fun happy sounds that might someday be giggles.

Here are some pictures of our Easter fun.

Peyton, happy as a clam to be holding Zane. Zane, however, is not convinced.

My grandma with her two great grandsons:

A baby mouse in a bunny hat:

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