Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not just Easter fun

Since I have some fun non-Easter pics I thought I'd do two posts today. Last week was a busy week and Zane has been growing and changing so much. He was 9 pounds, 11 ounces last Thursday and quickly growing out of his clothes (good thing he has a neverending stash of various sizes in his overflowing closet!). His cheeks are filling out and he is really getting aware of his surroundings. He loves looking at faces and watching things that move and make noise (like his mobile). And best of all, he's starting to really SMILE! That smile must be payment for all of those sleepless nights because it truly lights up my world!

The SMILE :)

Of course, he's not always smiling...(and when he makes this face he REALLY looks like his dad!)

This was also a big week in the Shehata household as it marked the beginning of baseball season. Z was sure to not miss the Mets home opener, even if he did sleep through most of it.

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