Monday, April 6, 2009

He's a whole month old

Saturday marked exactly one month since Zane was born. We celebrated the day by lounging around the house in true "we have a newborn" fashion. We did manage to do some housework (well, M mangaged to do some housework anyway). And of course, what would a big birthday milestone be without a photo session?

One of the best parts of my baby shower were all of these amazing onesies that the guests decorated. My mom sent a plain white onesie to every guest and they brought them back to the shower decorated with every design and theme under the sun. They were so amazing that we even hung up a clothesline in Zane's room so we could display some of the bigger ones. We decided to use the onesies to commemorate these monthly photos. The winner of the first month's photo was Sara's "I drink until I pass out" because it is funny and oh so true. He really does drink like a frat boy in a chug-off. He chugs as fast as he can, burps (and often pukes) and then immediately passes out. Ah, the good 'ole days :)

Happy ONE MONTH birthday little boy! Has a mohawk ever looked so completely adorable?

and if one gimmick hairdo was not enough, Z is also manly enough to rock a mullet:


  1. Love the onsies and mullet. Bets rocks a faux hawks at times.

  2. Lily totally had a mullet too. Ain't no shame in it. :-)