Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where in the world is Zane Adam?

Not blogging clearly!

Probably because he is too busy being a world traveler. Or, US traveler, anyway. A few weeks ago, I took Zane on his first airplane trip (not alone, thank god, Rose was there for the ride). We flew down to Florida to meet up with our good friend Lynn and her son Matthew. We had a blast getting away from the snow for a few days and the highlight of the trip was definitely the boys (and Rose's) first trip to the Magic Kingdom! We had such a fun time and the boys were great together (except when Zane was stealing Matthew's lovie). Miss you guys!!

The fun hasn't stopped at home though. We've had some fun visits with all of Zane's grandparents and some great friends from Baltimore. And, with our resident expert Jeremy in tow we took Zane to his first (of probably many) trips to the nearby Strasburg Railroad!

Of course, in true kid fashion, I think Zane's favorite part might have been enjoying his first pretzel (served to him on the president's train car - first class baby!)

That's right. My kid eats pretzels. No more baby food for this kid. The trip to FL and watching Matthew enjoy delicious things like chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries pretty much convinced Zane to go cold turky on the pureed baby foods. So now we are navigating the slightly tricky world of food allergies and what to feed a hungry and growing toddler. OMG, TODDLER!! Right now his favorite foods are english muffin pizzas made with rice cheese, chicken nuggets, sweet potatoes, and cooked carrots. He would eat these things and only these things all day long if I let him. I keep trying new things (last night's apricot chicken and rice was a fail!) and I'm constantly on the lookout for dairy/egg/nut/and legume free food ideas.

So, that's about what's new with us. Oh, except for that whole BIRTHDAY thing coming up on Thursday. HOLD ME.

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  1. I really can't believe he's going to be 1! I remember when you announced your pregnancy! Zane is such a big boy.