Thursday, December 3, 2009

A quick post-November update

Oh November, where did you go?

November was a big month for Zane. He graduated to a new big-boy car seat (which he seems to really like a lot), got two front teeth (guess Santa came a little early for Zane), started picking up finger foods and feeding himself, and started scotting around the floor mission command style. Yep, watch out folks, we are mobile.

And I wonder why I had no time for blog-writing?! I barely had any time for picture-taking. But, I managed a few. Here's a quick look at some fun November days.

Showing off his standing skills. Working on his "music". (this reminds me of a Friend's episode with Ross and his terrible keyboarding).

A little fun in the leaves while Dad rakes on a pretty fall day.

Some Thanksgiving day fun. I pretty much kiss Zane every time I pick him up. He's started "kissing" back. Or maybe he's a cannibal? By the way, that's Dallas in the picture in the background. We were trying to get a picture of Zane next to the picture of Dallas. It is pretty amazing how much he looks like D did as a baby.

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