Monday, December 7, 2009

9 months

9 Months. That is how long we waited for you. We watched my belly grow. We picked out names (Hard to imagine you as a Nathaniel or a Micah are definitely a Zane through and through). We put together toys and furniture. We kept watching my belly grow. It seemed like an eternity. And then you got here. And now? 9 months have flown by.

You completely light up our lives. You make us laugh with joy and amazement each and every day. You worry us too sometimes, but that's just what parents do. You entertain us with your new games. Right now you're all about peek-a-boo. You show everyone. The check out guy, the waitress, Santa. They all get to play peek-a-boo with you. And they do. You have two teeth. You move around a room with the precision of an assasin. You're eating new foods everyday and showing some definite likes (banana, mango, avocado, chicken) and dislikes (corn! How can you grow up in PA and not like corn?) and some things that you unfortunately are allergic to (lentils - who gives their baby lentils anyway, sorry about that one kiddo! and peas). You love your toys (especially your fisher price farm) and are starting to not like it when someone leaves the room even when you are happily playing all on your own (and for our own good probably, since now if we leave the room you can get into some serious trouble what with that whole moving around thing and all). You love eskimo kisses (or forehead rubbing - who knows what tribe expresess affection that way) and big giant hugs and we hope you never stop being the super-cuddler that you are now.

9 months is a long time to get ready for a baby. It seems like an eternity. But then you get here and time starts wizzing by in a flash. Suddenly you're becoming a big kid and before I know it you'll be running after me and another 9 months will fly by. Don't let it pass me by without stopping for a hug now and then? Ok pal?

Love you!
Your mom and dad

p.s. here's what you looked like on your 9-month birthday. Your cousin Aimee made you this super cool lion onesie all by herself. She's pretty crafty isn't she? if you look REALLY closely at the picture you can see those two shiny new toofers.


  1. I love this post Erika. I love your writing style and your detail. I must take notes! ;)