Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some mommy ramblings

We've been having some stressful nights as of late. And by "nights" I mean 2,3,4 am. We've haven't had nights like this since Zane was a newborn, and I feel like it has been all my fault.

You see, for the past month or so, Zane's been getting up once to eat. And life was fine. But at his 6 mo, the pediatrician said that he didn't need to eat and suggested that we should start phasing that out. He told me that Z was really looking for comfort/time to hang with mommy and probably wasn't really hungry. He convinced me, so we tried. We've tried having M go in istead of me, going in and turning on music, CIO, etc. etc. But the awake time has been lasting at minimum of an hour each night, sometimes 2.5. And this mostly resulted in me wanting to cry along with the poor kid. Hmmmm...perhaps he really was hungry after all?

Last night I decided to revert to the old routine. As soon as I heard him awake and talking I went in (before awake turned to REALLY upset and angry), fed him for about 10-15 minutes until he was back to sleep and I was able to go right back to sleep as well.

I can't even tell you how much more relaxed I was this morning, even with that 20 minute break in my cozy sleep pattern. So, for now, I think I'm going to stop getting upset whenever I hear someone talking (bragging?) about a baby STTN and just accept that Z isn't ready to do it. I would rather 15 minutes of snuggles and eating than 2.5 hours of awake and crying. I've accepted it, I'm happy with it (ok, I will be happy with it), and I'm going to try my hardest not to do the baby comparison!

I think that is the worst part. Hearing so many other babies who STTN (and babies much younger than Z). And it's such a commom question - I feel like everyone is always asking me "how is he sleeping?". That it was making me feel like I was doing something wrong as a parent. So this is me, accepting.

Plus, soon enough he won't even want to walk next to me in the mall, let along snuggle at night, so I might as well just enjoy it instead of being mad that I'm awake at 3am. So, I'm going to let Z take the lead on this one. Next time you see me, feel free to continue to ask me "So how is Zane sleeping these days?" I promise I won't bite your head off for asking ;)


  1. Erika, I have only been able to let Betsy kind of CIO once. When I knew she was exhausted, she was screaming, and me going in the room just made her more mad. I let her cry 20 minutes, checked on her and 25 minutes later she went to sleep.

    Just saying, I really understand. Last week I got up with Bets for about 15 minutes all week. A couple times two times in the night. I would rather her not get worked up.

    You're doing a fantastic job, it's easy to see how healthy and happy Zane is! You're going with your insticts on these things and I absolutely think it's the best way possible to parent.

    ((Erika and Zane!))

  2. I feel like this may be partially directed at me... :(

    I don't think a babies sleep pattern dictates ones aptitude as a parent at all!!! I'm not bragging, just thankful to be blessed to have a good baby. I think someone upstairs is looking out for us because they know we have no family support close by.

  3. Just to let you know, Maddie didn't sleep through the night until she was about 11 months old. Zane will do it when he's ready. For now you are doing a great job!!!! Listen to your instincts. :)