Thursday, September 3, 2009

August? What was that?

Are we shocked at my lack of blog posting for the month of August? Probably not! Zane turned 5 months in August and spent the rest of the month growing like a weed and learning new things left and right. When I took his 5 month pictures on August 4th we still had to prop him up to sit and he was still just having his first tastes of rice cereal.

the 5 month onesie shot (monkey onesie made by my godmother, Michelle)

By the end of the month he was scarfing down bananas, sweet potatoes, apples and peas and loving them all:

And laying down? Being propped up with pillows and boppies and other nonsense? Nonsense! We have a sitter on our hands. And it doesn't look like he will stay sitting for very long. He's already trying to crawl over our legs and lunge himself forward. Thumbs up for sitting!

Of course the biggest thing that happened in August (and the reason for my lack of blogging) was that we bought our first house. We closed on July 31 and spent a few weeks painting, adding a pergo floor to my office and putting up crown molding in our bedroom. I promise, I will have pics of all that as soon as we finish unpacking. But for now, say goodbye to your first house Zane:

And say hello to the house where you will take your first steps, learn to ride your first bike, wait for the bus for kindergarten, build a tree fort and snowmen, and who knows, maybe even learn to drive a car:

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